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CN-103600313-A: Heavy-duty grinding wheel hot-pressing method patent, CN-103606323-A: Free boundary electro-hydrodynamic analogue device and analogue method patent, CN-103609066-A: Method and node for querying operation administration maintenance configuration information patent, CN-103614298-A: Cell culture method and cell culture plate applied thereto patent, CN-103630477-A: Method for measuring space structure parameters through scanning image of forest litter patent, CN-103632389-A: System and method to achieve better eyelines in cg characters patent, CN-103632414-A: 一种地铁列车信号系统在线监测与预警的装置 patent, CN-103634251-A: Automatic frequency correction method and system patent, CN-103638650-A: 一种脚扣拉伸附具 patent, CN-103645286-A: Determination method for ecological risks of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in water body patent, CN-103650140-A: Wafer scale packaging platform for transceivers patent, CN-103654574-A: 带有触摸开关的毛巾架 patent, CN-103657867-A: 一种从含金硫化铜矿中选金的浮选剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-103657875-A: Medium-low-grade bauxite machine-column united separation process patent, CN-103668012-A: Reinforced copper-based composite material and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-103675018-A: 一种织物热性能测试仪 patent, CN-103683467-A: Independent photovoltaic power supply system with self-starting function patent, CN-103689664-A: Nano fishbone product as well as preparation method and application of nano fishbone product patent, CN-103689916-A: 一种插接式书架 patent, CN-103696956-A: Torque-balanced flow distribution pair for water hydraulic axial piston pumps patent, CN-103697788-A: Detection device and detection method of bearing inner ring arc-shaped groove patent, CN-103701229-A: 一种无铁芯轴向直流电机及其定子 patent, CN-103705896-A: External use medicine composition for treating alopecia and application thereof patent, CN-103710473-A: Automatic shaving machine brush roller tracking device patent, CN-103712142-A: Vehicle-mounted warning lamp patent, CN-103716252-A: 一种分发流量的链路聚合方法及设备 patent, CN-103719007-A: Net cage feeding device and control method thereof patent, CN-103719040-A: Method for preventing scorpion tails from drying in scorpion breeding patent, CN-103722558-A: 适用于管材的机械手 patent, CN-103723355-A: Medicine bottle cap with warning function patent, CN-103736763-A: Stainless steel composite tube cold-drawing liquid and temperature control system thereof patent, CN-103737158-A: 一种基于热输入控制的双熔化极电弧焊枪及其焊接方法 patent, CN-103742408-A: Anti-loosening gear pump patent, CN-103752797-A: 直接读取式压射控制系统 patent, CN-103753843-A: 一种带边废料回收精整机 patent, CN-103758046-A: 钢管混凝土拱桥主梁结构的加固方法 patent, CN-103761825-A: Automatic fire alarming method patent, CN-103762810-A: 电动汽车用隐形磁极稀土永磁驱动电机 patent, CN-103766648-A: 一种防治马猝死症的饲料 patent, CN-103767767-A: Nail pushing device of prepuce loop line cutting and suturing instrument patent, CN-103777298-A: Tightness packaging method for optical fiber patent, CN-103777869-A: Method and device for switching application interfaces of main menus patent, CN-103786983-A: Cold storage plate standard component capable of being combined into various cold storage plate structures patent, CN-103792230-A: 一种奶牛酮病诊断试剂盒及其检测方法 patent, CN-103801931-A: 柴油机缸盖喷油器铜套的压装套件 patent, CN-103803038-A: 一种多功能干式潜水服 patent, CN-103814940-A: Ultra-low volume liquid containing novaluron and pyrethroid insecticides patent, CN-103817178-A: 预弯平板卷圆方法 patent, CN-103819047-A: 一种野外营地生活污水一体化处理装置 patent, CN-103819358-A: 2-羟基-3-(2-羟基-3-甲氧基亚苯甲胺)苯乙酮及合成方法 patent, CN-103820768-A: Homogeneous and rapid epitaxial growth method of 4H-SiC epitaxial layer on 4H-SiC substrate patent, CN-103822306-A: Split type air-purifying fresh-air draught fan patent, CN-103823266-A: 一种含玻璃微珠面层的透镜埋入型反光膜及生产工艺 patent, CN-103824756-A: 去除封装结构的方法 patent, CN-103825458-A: Direct current-direct current converter and pre-charge method patent, CN-103828525-A: 一种大葱施肥的方法 patent, CN-103836282-A: 拉杆限位式单式套筒伸缩节 patent, CN-103837353-A: 上置激振式位移速度力值关系曲线检测设备 patent, CN-103844032-A: Method for feeding black guinea pig by taking folium mori as main feed patent, CN-103846026-A: Venturi mixer with adjustable shrinkage hole on throat patent, CN-103846878-A: 动力工具 patent, CN-103850632-A: Anti-release mechanism of flexible quick roller shutter door patent, CN-103852993-A: 漏电断流器及图像形成装置 patent, CN-103855858-A: Novel rotor brake mechanism patent, CN-103876771-A: 婴幼儿可调式ct检查防护罩 patent, CN-103878767-A: 一种水下蛇形机器人 patent, CN-103884786-A: High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method for simultaneously determining 16 ginseng saponin monomers patent, CN-103888760-A: 一种机顶盒辐射与视频质量调试方法及装置 patent, CN-103889917-A: 夹层玻璃用中间膜及夹层玻璃 patent, CN-103891125-A: Converter unit for an asynchronous machine patent, CN-103894340-A: Rock removing device for rice patent, CN-103895708-A: 树脂前端部的热交换器悬挂结构 patent, CN-103898087-A: Shielding of magnetic field as a medical therapy patent, CN-103899336-A: 用于隧道宽幅防水板安装的充气式装备及施工和安装方法 patent, CN-103900966-A: Hyperspectral image processing method used in epidote information extraction patent, CN-103901177-A: Measuring box and method for measuring exhausting flux of greenhouse gas on water surface patent, CN-103907456-A: 一种魔芋种子免越冬沙贮的繁殖技术 patent, CN-103911970-A: 一种潜堤管袋固液分离的工艺方法及其固液分离装置 patent, CN-103914429-A: Multi-mode data transmission interconnection device for coarseness dynamic reconfigurable array patent, CN-103914856-A: Moving object detection method based on entropy patent, CN-103920678-A: 具有对钢管承托导引功能的钢管自动清洗机 patent, CN-103925060-A: Water-cooling power device of small unmanned helicopter patent, CN-103932225-A: 一种熟化香肠加工工艺 patent, CN-103939337-A: 内置卸荷装置齿轮泵 patent, CN-103948485-A: 外骨骼式上肢康复机器人 patent, CN-103949553-A: 飞轮减振系统初级飞轮的无铆钉铆接工艺 patent, CN-103952994-A: 扫地车边刷的双向防撞结构 patent, CN-103956277-A: 负荷开关熔断器组合电器操作机构 patent, CN-103960179-A: 人工生态堡礁 patent, CN-103960630-A: 一种保健增香料酒及其制备方法 patent, CN-103960991-A: 一种不滴水的热水瓶外壳 patent, CN-103971095-A: Large-scale facial expression recognition method based on multiscale LBP and sparse coding patent, CN-103971467-A: Paper money inlet/outlet device and control method patent, CN-103974096-A: Video file assessment method, device and system patent, CN-103978114-A: 扩径头润滑油路加热装置 patent, CN-103993605-A: 用铺排船船载吹灌装置充填充泥管袋的方法及吹灌装置 patent, CN-103995432-A: Method and device for lowering stripes of photomask plate patent, CN-103995696-A: Custom-built system and method of software package of mobile terminal patent, CN-103997620-A: System and method for detecting motion in compressed video patent, CN-104007473-A: 煤流感应装置及设备 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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