Laser gas detection method with automatic linearity correction function



The invention discloses a laser gas detection method with an automatic linearity correction function, and belongs to the field of mining industry gas concentration measurement. The method comprises the following steps of: generating a detection light beam, branching the detection light beam, enabling the branched light beams to pass through a measuring air chamber and a reference air chamber, carrying out photovoltaic conversion and harmonic wave phase locking detection, then carrying out collecting and converting and finally sending the treated light beams into a core processor; for a signal generated by the light beam passing through the reference air chamber, comparing a detected gas concentration value and a central wavelength position with two reference data values recorded during calibration at the first time by the core processor, and if the values are different, starting a linearity correction algorithm, and correcting the device; and for a signal generated by the light beam through the measuring air chamber, displaying and sending by the core processor according to a detected gas concentration value. The method provided by the invention can accurately measure gas concentration in a mine and can realize the automatic correction in a detection process, thus the underground maintaining times for workers are reduced.




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