The invention relates to a coupling having spur gearing for transmitting torques and/or transverse forces between a first part (4), which is provided with first spur gearing (1, 1a), and a second part (5), which is provided with second spur gearing (1, 1b) so as to be complementary to the first spur gearing (1, 1a). At least one of the parts is in particular a shaft, an axle, a pin or a flange, and it is possible to bring the first spur gearing into form-fitting engagement with the second spur gearing. The invention is characterized in that at least one of the spur gearing systems comprises at least one groove (39) of constant width (B), wherein the longitudinal center line of the groove forms a circular arc (41) having a first center (M1) in at least one section of the groove and, in at least one other section of the groove, forms a circular arc having at least one second center (M2).




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