Artificial fry rearing method for Aequidens rivulatus



An artificial fry rearing method for Aequidens rivulatus includes the steps of setting a rearing facility, namely a square pond with flat bed, little mud and average water depth of 0.8m and convenient for irrigation and drainage; sterilizing the pond with 10mg/L trichloroisocyanuric acid 10 days before the fry is put in the pond; keeping the water thin under the pH of 7.8, allowing fertilized eggs to hatch into fry for 2-3 days, which can freely swim and feed around after 5-6 days, and initially feeding the fry with fairy shrimp or small water flea four times a day; feeding with Daphnia (cladocerans) after half of a month; feeding with artificial mixed feed, which can also be made from fresh meat, shrimp meat and snail meat, one month later, preferably the feed with high protein content; generally feeding with animal feed in the mating season to improve nutrition and promote gonad development of parent fishes.




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