Multicolor femto-second laser pulse generation device



A multicolor femto-second laser pulse generation device comprises a first aperture diaphragm, a plano-convex lens and a dichroic mirror in sequence in the forward direction of incident laser; the incident laser is divided into a transmitted beam and a reflected beam by the dichroic mirror, the reflected beam sequentially passes a long-pass filter plate, a chronotron, a second aperture diaphragm and a third high-parallelism reflection silver mirror to be incident on a nonlinear transparent solid medium; the transmitted beam sequentially passes a chirp mirror, a first high-parallelism reflection silver mirror and a second high-parallelism reflection silver mirror to be incident on a nonlinear transparent medium; a certain included angle is formed between the reflected beam and the transmitted beam incident on the nonlinear transparent medium; the chronotron is adjusted to enable the two beams to well coincide in time and space, so that a multicolor femto-second laser pulse can be generated. The device provided by the invention is simple in structure, can be applied to two-dimensional spectroscopy experiments, high-field laser experiments, coherence anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy experiments and other different nonlinear laser spectroscopy research.




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