Intelligent robot for power station inspection and maintenance and control system thereof



The invention discloses an intelligent robot for power station inspection and maintenance and a control system of the intelligent robot. The intelligent robot comprises an inspection and maintenance robot body and a remote console. The robot body is of a tracked manipulator structure. A four-track mobile platform provides sufficient power and steering performance for the robot for movement in a complex terrain of a power station. Track wheels can further rotate along track wheel connecting shafts, and therefore terrain adaptability is improved. A monitoring system is installed on the robot body to provide control information for inspection and maintenance. The robot has two modes of autonomous navigation and artificial remote operation. In the mode of autonomous navigation, inspection on a predetermined route is autonomously completed according to information provided by a composite navigation system. In the mode of artificial remote operation, movement of the robot and the maintenance of a manipulator are artificially operated. The robot has the advantages of being high in automated degree and intelligentialized degree, flexible and small and exquisite.




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