Full-automatic electric energy meter calibrating device



The invention discloses a full-automatic electric energy meter calibrating device which comprises platform bodies. The platform bodies comprise a plurality of calibrating meter positions used for containing electric energy meters to be calibrated, meter hanging racks are arranged at the calibrating meter positions, the calibrating meter positions constitute one or more rows, and all the rows of calibrating meter positions are placed on the same panel. According to the full-automatic electric energy meter calibrating device, angle overturning of the entire rows of calibrating meter positions can be achieved through two Turck photoelectric sensors and an induction piece; pressing connection of a pressing connection motor is achieved through an upper limiting sensor, a lower limiting sensor and the induction piece; the platform bodies cannot affect one another, each platform body can be used independently, the platform bodies can be changed with one another, a client can customize an automatic calibrating line needed by the client himself/herself as required, and thus maintaining and using are convenient.




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