Apparatus and method for preparing metal nano-material on surface of carrier through photosensitization



The invention discloses an apparatus and a method for preparing a metal nano-material on the surface of a carrier through photosensitization, belonging to the technical field of preparation of nano-materials. According to the method, a light source is white light or an ultraviolet nanosecond laser pulse or ultraviolet continuous light source; a carrier material is soaked in a photosensitization reaction solution consisting of a photosensitizer and a metal salt precursor; then solution is put into a sealed photoreaction tank, and the temperature of the solution is controlled by a temperature control groove; light beams emitted by the light source irradiate the carrier material and the sample solution, and after a certain period of time, the metal nano-material is firmly deposited on the surface of the carrier. With the apparatus and method provided by the invention, the advantages of rapidness, a cheap price and strong controllability can be obtained in preparation of the metal nano-material; the prepared material has a particle size which can be controlled in the range of a few nanometers and is firmly attached to the surface of the carrier.




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