Idling alarming submersible pump



The invention relates to a submersible pump, and belongs to the technical field of submersible pumps. The submersible pump comprises a pump body and a direct current power source, wherein a circuit board is arranged in an impeller cavity of the pump body, two copper sheets are arranged on the circuit board in a staggered mode, one copper sheet is connected with a positive electrode of the direct current power source, the other copper sheet is connected with a base electrode of an audion, a collector electrode and an emitting electrode of the audion are connected with a light-emitting diode in series and then connected between the positive electrode and a negative electrode of the direct current power source in series, a resistor is connected between the other copper sheet and a joint of the base electrode of the audion in series, and another resistor is connected between the copper sheet and the negative electrode of the direct current power source in series. According to the submersible pump, the circuit board in the impeller cavity of the submersible pump is used for monitoring whether the submersible pump can suck water at present. Water makes contact with the two copper sheets to enable a circuit to be powered on, an audion switch is on, the light-emitting diode is lightened on, and therefore it is indicated that the water level is normal at present, water exists in the impeller cavity, and the submersible pump can suck water normally.




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