Conductive sheet, conductive sheet overlapping body, and capacitive touch panel



The invention relates to a conductive sheet, a conductive sheet overlapping body, and a capacitive touch panel. A conductive Sheet, a method for using conductive sheet, and a capacitive touch panel are provided. A first conductive sheet (10A) contains two or more conductive first large lattices (14A) and a first connection (16A) for electrically connecting the adjacent first large lattices (14A) on a first transparent substrate (12A). The first large lattices (14A) each contain a combination of two or more small lattices (18), the first connection (16A) contains one or more medium lattices (a first medium lattice 20a to a fourth medium lattice 20d), and the pitch of the medium lattices is n times larger than that of the small lattices (18) (in which n is a real number larger than 1).




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