Preparation method of SAPO-34 molecular sieve membrane



The invention provides a preparation method of a SAPO-34 molecular sieve membrane. The method is characterized in that a specific zeolite molecular sieve is employed as a silicon source. A continuous compact SAPO-34 molecular sieve thin film is formed on a surface of a porous ceramic supporting body, namely, a layer of the SAPO-34 molecular sieve membrane is grown on the porous ceramic supporting body with a crystalline state zeolite molecular sieve being the silicon source. A structure unit of the molecular sieve is same as that of SAPO-34. Crystal nucleus are provided for crystallization of a SAPO-34 molecular sieve and a synthesis time of the membrane is shortened. In addition, the content of silicon in the SAPO-34 molecular sieve membrane can be adjusted within a large range. The membrane has a preferable selectivity on CO2 and a high permeation flux and separation selectivity when being used for separating mixing systems of CO2/CH4.




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