Movable tool cabinet



The invention discloses a movable tool cabinet. The movable tool cabinet comprises a box body and a movement bracket, wherein the box body comprises two front panels and a shell; the front panels are connected with the shell through hinges; the shell further comprises two side plates; at least one pair of first through holes corresponding to each other are formed in the two side plates; the movement bracket comprises a bottom plate and two connecting pipes fixedly connected with the bottom plate; at least three casters are arranged at the bottom of the bottom plate; second through holes matched with the first through holes are formed in the upper ends of the two connecting pipes; the box body is fixedly connected to the movement bracket through the matching of the first through holes and the second through holes. In the mode, the movable tool cabinet is simple in structure, movable, and convenient to push, pull and use; tools are convenient to take, and the storage space is large and diversified.




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