Electrodynamic type glass cutter


  • Inventors: CHI ZHAORUI
  • Assignees: 池昭瑞
  • Publication Date: December 10, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-104193161-A


The invention discloses an electrodynamic type glass cutter, and relates to the technical field of mechanical equipment. A suction cup is arranged at the lower end of a support frame; a connecting shaft is arranged in the middle of the support frame; the upper end of the connecting shaft is connected with a shaft of a drive motor through a shaft sleeve; an adjusting shaft is arranged at the lower end of the connecting shaft, and is provided with a rotary rod; the rotary rod is sleeved with an adjusting sleeve; the adjusting sleeve is provided with a cutting mechanism; a locating rod is arranged on the rotary rod through a bearing; the connecting shaft is provided with a mounting plate; the mounting plate is provided with an adjusting bolt; the lower end of the adjusting bolt is connected with the rotary rod; the rotary rod is provided with a scale mark layer. The electric glass cutter is simple, convenient and fast to operate and simple in structure, the cutting time is saved, and the work efficiency is improved.




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