Tunnel drainage system and disposal method for crystal blockage of tunnel



The invention provides a tunnel drainage system and a disposal method for crystal blockage of a tunnel. The tunnel drainage system facilitating observation of tunnel crystals comprises longitudinal drain pipes, a transverse drain pipe and a central drain pipe, wherein the longitudinal drain pipes, the transverse drain pipe and the central drain pipe are connected in sequence, the longitudinal drain pipes are arranged on the two sides of the tunnel, the transverse drain pipe and the central drain pipe are arranged under the tunnel, an overflow pipe communicated with the transverse drain pipe is arranged above the transverse drain pipe, and the other end of the overflow pipe is communicated with the space of the tunnel. The tunnel drainage system is simple in structure and ingenious in design; the crystal blockage conditions in the transverse drain pipe can be known through the overflow pipe, so the crystals can be disposed conveniently in time, normal operation of the established tunnel is maintained, safety accidents caused by the crystals are avoided, and the tunnel drainage system is suitable for popularization and application.




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