Loading system of supplies box and peritoneal dialysis equipment



The embodiment of the invention provides a loading system of a supplies box. The loading system is arranged in peritoneal dialysis equipment, and comprises an air bag part (200), a first metering control part (300), a supplies box mounting part (400), a second metering control part (500) and at least two fixing rods (700) which are sequentially arranged in parallel, wherein the fixing rods (700) are detachably arranged in the air bag part (200), the first metering control part (300), the supplies box mounting part (400) and the second metering control part (500) in a penetrating way. The loading system has the beneficial effects that the supplies box mounting part and a part for controlling a pump cavity of the supplies box can be conveniently and rapidly assembled and detached, so the manufacturing is simple, the production difficulty is decreased, and the production cost is reduced; when the part is maintained or replaced, the detachment operation is simple, and the use cost is reduced.




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