Movable multifunctional fresh keeping box, refrigerator comprising same and food fresh keeping method



The invention discloses a movable multifunctional fresh keeping box, a refrigerator comprising the movable multifunctional fresh keeping box and a food fresh keeping method. By arranging the movable multifunctional fresh keeping box in the refrigerator, food can be conveniently stored, movable fresh keeping can be realized, a circle of cold accumulators are arranged at the inner side of a box body, the box body is sealed due to the arrangement of a box cover, the cooling capacity loss in a device is reduced, and the refrigerating and fresh keeping time is longer; meanwhile, the cold accumulators are detachably arranged in the box body, the movable multifunctional fresh keeping box can be put in a refrigerating chamber of the refrigerator by a user when the movable fresh keeping does not need to be carried out, the action of independent fresh keeping space can be obtained, the cold accumulators can be put in a door container or the inner side wall of a freezing chamber after being disassembled, the occupation on effective volume of the refrigerator is reduced, the using efficiency of the refrigerator is increased, and meanwhile, the functions of cold accumulation and energy saving are obtained; meanwhile, due to the design of the detachable cold accumulators, the maintenance cost of the cold accumulators is reduced.




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