Special feed for field snails


  • Inventors: LI YUEHUA
  • Assignees: 李月华
  • Publication Date: January 07, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-104256210-A


The invention discloses a special feed for field snails. The special feed is prepared from the following materials: pumpkins, Chinese yam, fresh sweet potato seedlings, clover fern, soybeans, sesame-seed cakes, sweet potato starch, bone meal and honeysuckle, which are wide in sources of raw materials, low in cost and high in use ratio. The special feed is prepared by processes of material preparing, starching, extrusion forming and drying. The special feed is nutrient health care type granular daily feed for the field snails, is rich in vegetable proteins, pectin, dietary fibers and multiplex vitamins, has the advantages of good elasticity, fastness in softening after putting in water and fragrant and palatable taste, is nutritious, promotes growing, and has a preventive effect on prone enteritis of field snails. The feed is low in cost, convenient to process, store and feed and high in input-output ratio.




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