Grid-shaped bracket composite membrane of pelvic floor repairing belt and use method thereof



The invention discloses a grid-shaped bracket composite membrane of a pelvic floor repairing belt. The grid-shaped bracket composite membrane of the pelvic floor repairing belt consists of a membrane absorbed by a human body, and a grid-shaped bracket which is not absorbed by the human body. A substrate membrane consists of degradable natural or composite materials which can be absorbed and metabolized by the human body, and a transplant can be almost absorbed and metabolized after a surgery to reduce permanent transplants in the human body to the maximum degree and lower rejection reaction risks. If the transplant is completely absorbed, diseases always recur after the surgery, and therefore, a grid bracket which can not be absorbed is designed in the transplant. On one hand, the grid bracket is used as a template of the transplant, and on the other hand, tissues around the grid bracket react to cover the bracket to form scar compound which takes autologous scars as a fixed dissection structure after the plant substrate membrane is absorbed and metabolized. If necessary, a marker line through which x ray can not penetrate is added into the transplant for knowing the position of the transplant in the pelvic floor after the surgery, and the marker line can be used for conveniently positioning, observing and carrying out follow-up visit on the composite membrane structure after the surgery. According to the structure, a current technical problem of the transplant for a pelvic organ prolapses surgery of middle and old aged women can be favorably solved.




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