Three-dimensional orthogonal energy receiver applied to weak coupling wireless energy transmission system



Provided is a three-dimensional orthogonal energy receiver applied to a weak coupling wireless energy transmission system. A first groove, a second groove, a third groove and a fourth groove at equal angular intervals are formed on the cylindrical surface of a manganese zinc ferrite magnetic core. A first-dimensional receiving coil winds on the first groove and the third groove. A second-dimensional receiving coil winds on the second groove and the fourth groove. The first-dimensional receiving coil and the second-dimensional receiving coil comprises two groups of winding coils respectively, each group of winding coil is of a half-cylindrical framework structure, one side of the framework structure is rectangular, and the other side of the framework structure is arc. A third-dimensional receiving coil winds on the outer portion of the cylindrical surface of the manganese zinc ferrite magnetic core. The equivalent planes of the first-dimensional receiving coil, the second-dimensional receiving coil and the third-dimensional receiving coil are perpendicular to each other in pairwise so that as a whole, the three-dimensional receiving coils generate induced electromotive force in whatever gesture when they are located in an alternating magnetic field. The three-dimensional orthogonal energy receiver improves the integral space use rate of robots, and meanwhile the space use ratio of the three-dimensional orthogonal energy receiver is improved.




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